Journal Issue: Vol. 2, No. 2

December 2013

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Can a single 6rm squat score predict strength ratios in female footballers?

Journal of Fitness Research Volume 2
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine if a single 6RM squat score can predict strength asymmetry in female football players. The influence joint range of motion of the hip and knee, injury history, training background and training frequency on this score was also determined. ...

Authors: Daniel P Marshall, Brendan J Burkett, Anthony G Boutagy, Mark R McKean, Mark R. McKean

Effects of kettlebell training on aerobic capacity, muscular strength, balance, flexibility, and body composition

Journal of Fitness Research Volume 2
Purpose: This study was designed to evaluate the effects of kettlebell training on upper and lower body strength, aerobic capacity, body composition, flexibility, balance, and core strength.  ...

Authors: Nick Beltz, Dustin Erbes, John P. Porcari, Ray Martinez, Scott Doberstein, Carl Foster, John P. Porcari

Effects of trx versus traditional resistance training programs on measures of muscular performance in adults

Journal of Fitness Research
Purpose: Few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of TRX training when compared to traditional resistance training (RT). Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine responses to TRX and RT on measures of strength, core endurance, flexibility, balance, and body composition.  ...

Authors: Jeffrey Janot, Taylor Heltne, Chelsea Welles, Jaime Riedl, Heidi Anderson, Ashley Howard, Sue Lynn Myhre, Jeffrey Janot

In-season plyometric training transfers to sport specific movements

Journal of Fitness Research
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate jump landing improvements after a 4 week, in- season anterior cruciate ligament injury prevention program (ACL IPP).   ...

Authors: Jennifer J. Didier, Page Glave, Jeremy Montz, Jennifer J. Didier

Influence of load on expressions of upper body power during medicine ball throws

Journal of Fitness Research
Introduction: The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of load on expressions of upper body power collected from a medicine ball push-press (MBP-P).  ...

Authors: Ava Kerr, Mark Sayers, Mark Sayers

Practical applications of biomechanical principles in resistance training: moments and moment arms Justin

Journal of Fitness Research
Exercise professionals routinely prescribe resistance training to clients with varied goals.  Therefore, they need to be able to modify the difficulty of a variety of exercises and to understand how such modifications can alter the relative joint loading on their clients so to maximise the...

Authors: Justin W.L. Keogh, Jason P. Lake, Paul A. Swinton, Justin Keogh

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