Journal Issue: Vol. 2, No. 1

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Brief Review of the Role of High-intensity Interval Training in the Battle Against Type II Diabetes

Journal of Fitness Research Volume 2
Despite the widely publicized and well-accepted benefits of regular exercise for improving metabolic health, adherence to the current exercise guidelines for the management of type 2 diabetes remains, to the disappointment of fitness professionals, surprising low. High-intensity interval training...

Authors: Anthony G. Boutagy, Rachel Luff

Higher Intensity Interval Training Improves Aerobic Capacity and Metabolic Profile in Men with Cardiac Disease: A Pilot Study

Journal of Fitness Research Volume 2
Purpose: We examined whether 12 weeks of higher intensity aerobic interval training plus progressive resistance training (HIIT+PRT) improved aerobic capacity, muscle strength, blood glucose and lipid profile in Phase 2 cardiac rehabilitation patients compared to standard care.  ...

Authors: Suzanne Broadbent, Jacques J Rousseau, Wilma Tielemans, Aimee Cornish, Barrie Phypers, Itamar Levinger

The Physiological and Health Effects of a Pilates Program combined With Nutritional Intervention on Subjects with Metabolic Syndrome

Journal of Fitness Research Volume 2
Background: As overweight or obese individuals can progress from normal physiology to metabolic syndrome to Type II Diabetes and other conditions, one area of question is whether relatively short interventions combining both nutritional and exercise interventions can make an impact on health...

Authors: N.E. Wolkodoff, R. Andrick, E. Lazarus, B. Braunstein, T. Patch

The Effects of Plyometric and Agility Training on Balance and Functional Measures in Middle Aged and Older Adults

Journal of Fitness Research Volume 2
Purpose: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the influence of plyometric and agility training on balance and functional ability measures in middle aged and older adults. ...

Authors: Meagan Fishbeck, Jeffrey Janot, Chelsea Heil, Emily Alsheskie, Alyssa Daleiden, Elizabeth Erickson, Sue Lynn Myhre, Nicole Somerville

Effects of Self Myofascial Release and Static Stretching on Anaerobic Power Output

Journal of Fitness Research Volume 2
The aim of this study was to determine the effects of static stretching (SS) and myofascial release (MFR) on anaerobic power. Cycling (30-sec Wingate) tests assessed power output in 9 male and 14 female study participants. Peak power output (PPO) and percent power drop (PPD) were examined among...

Authors: Jeffrey Janot, Brittany Malin, Ryan Cook, Jacob Hagenbucher, Andrew Draeger, Melissa Jordan, Esther Quinn

Evaluation of Strength and Conditioning Changes During a Division II Collegiate Softball Season

Journal of Fitness Research Volume 2
Female participation in athletics, including intercollegiate athletic participation, has grown greatly in a variety of sports throughout the past two decades (Marques et al., 2008). With this higher level of participation has come an increase in supervised strength and conditioning programs and a...

Authors: Kelsey J. Thompson, Sherry A. Barkley

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